Weight-Loss Techniques That Did Not Work For Me

I have never been skinny. While my sisters are like the tall and slender bottles of wine, I can be compared to a 2-L bottle of soda – round, curvy, and extra-large. That’s how it has always been ever since I can remember, and I have gotten used to it. Besides, I love myself too much to listen to other people tell me what I should do with my body.

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Despite that, it does not mean that I have never been fed up with my size. For one, I could only look for clothes in the plus-size section. Sometimes I would see an outfit that I would like to copy, but not many stores had the items that would fit me. Walking around the mall was no easy feat either because being a couch potato and avoiding exercises practically “came with the territory.” So, I tried to lose weight.

The first thing I did was to ask my friends about their weight-loss journey. I looked for various methods online as well on the same day. Since it did not feel enough, I contacted fitness experts and got recommendations from them.

I did every single technique I heard; that’s why I knew which ones were effective. To save you the time and money, though, let me tell you which weight-loss methods did not work for me.

“Not sitting” heads the list of incidental, or non-exercise, activity. You can also start to think, as often as you possibly can, of using your body to do things instead of a machine. — Terese Weinstein Katz Ph.D.

Standing After Eating

One of my cousins told me to stand for 30 minutes or more after a meal. She said that it’s excellent for digestion because the food is supposed to go through the tract more easily. Since research showed that there’s truth in her words – we can genuinely digest food faster when standing up – I started doing it, too.

At first, it felt good. My tummy did not feel as heavy as when I would remain seated even when I was done eating. I lost a pound as well, but it merely happened after a month. The weight loss was too slow for my liking, so I stopped doing this technique.

There is no magic pill or bullet to take the weight off for you. — Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.

Taking Slimming Pills

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I did not shy away from slimming pills either. After all, I witnessed some friends’ fast weight reduction while taking them. After a month of taking their recommended products, I felt my jeans loosen as well. However, it’s still in my no-no list because it made my skin sag a bit.

From what I read later, taking slimming pills alone could get rid of unwanted fats, yes. But it does not promote the production of muscles, which should replace the fats. For this reason, even if I lost some weight, I did not feel good about myself.

Looking at 99% of the diets available, they are full of restrictions. No flour, no sugar, no fat, no calories, no carbs, no meat, all meat, only certain colors, the list goes on and on. — Michelle Lewis, LCSW

Doing Low-Carb Diet

An aunt once told me about how much weight she shed after avoiding carb-loaded foods, such as bread, pasta, and sugary options. She said it’s also better to drink low-carb beverages, too. The diet is supposed to work fast this way, so I did it.

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A week or two of following this trend, though, I had to call it quits. The lack of carbohydrates in my diet made me feel lethargic almost every day. It was as if I was exhausted even after having long hours of sleep. When I did a little research about it, I found out that it’s because carbohydrates are natural sources of energy. Without at least a small amount of it, the body burns through the energy reserves, thus causing the said issues.


Now, what weight-loss techniques did not work for you?