5 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes People Make

Every new year, we know what’s on almost everyone’s resolution list: lose that holiday weight. Moreover, people find this on their list for consecutive years. Try as hey might, they just don’t see any tangible results when looking at that dreaded scale.

So what is it precisely that many people are going wrong? Sadly, some of the weight-loss advice that people may know of can be outdated, and even harmful to one’s health. Here are five pitfalls to avoid so you can finally cross this item off your new year’s list.

People tell me all kinds of unique strategies that they come up that work for them. For example, some people are successful in managing their weight by eating the same foods but cutting down portions. But, this doesn’t work for everyone. — Susan Albers Psy.D.

Skipping Meals

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Many may turn to fast or cut out meals to lose weight quickly. It may make sense to some — after all, eating less will lead to weight loss, right? However, this is one of the most massive blunders you could make.

When you do not eat enough, your body’s metabolism slows down. Slowing down of metabolism means you will not be digesting food too quickly. Your body goes into survival mode since it senses that you are not getting enough food. In turn, it stores whatever is there for future energy — meaning it keeps the food in your body. Slow metabolism is not what you want when you are trying to lose weight.


Cutting Off Dessert

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We have some excellent news for those with a sweet tooth. It is not just skipping meals that hurts your weight goals, not having dessert may surprisingly be holding you back as well.

If you deprive yourself now, you will end up going overboard later. To avoid this, allow yourself some amount of dessert a day. Note that the keyword is “some amount.” Make sure you still keep track of what you are consuming.

Alternatively, you can opt for healthier sweets. After all, sugar is not necessarily your enemy when losing weight. Go for fruit, honey or low-calorie versions of favorite desserts.

 Keeping up healthy eating and exercise over the long term is difficult, especially when there are competing demands and role obligations.  Give yourself kudos for trying and then think about whether you were really hungry for the food or for something less tangible, such as love and support. — Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.

Eating Too Much “Good” Food

It is true when they say too much of anything is a bad thing. Also, it applies to healthy food as well. Some people tend to forget that “good” calories are still, well, calories. Consuming too much of those low-calorie superfoods can still add up and lead to putting on weight. Some researchers even show that packing on too much healthy food is almost as bad as eating junk food.

To avoid this, always measure or keep track of what you eat. This method applies regardless of what you are eating. Remember, eat everything in moderation.


Exercising To Make-Up For Diet

We have all been there: “I will just run an extra mile to burn off this doughnut.” Sadly, that is not how it works. In fact, those workout machines have lied to you as well. Burning calories is tough work, and we do not always burn off as much as we think.

Exercise should come in to supplement your healthy diet, not make up for an unhealthy one. Keep your focus on what you eat.

 In its original meaning, a diet simply refers to what we eat. Over time, however, it has morphed into a verb calculating how much we should eat. — Michelle Lewis, LCSW

Focusing Only On Weight

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Focusing only on weight might come off as odd because your primary goal is to “lose weight” after all. However, weight is not a fully-encompassing measure of health. Your primary goal should be to get healthy, and sometimes, we find results even when the scales do not change numbers.

Find success in having a better relationship with food, being able to endure more when running and developing stronger muscles. Additionally, you can find victory in having a better mental state: you find yourself being more happy, being less stressed and find yourself more focused and motivated to finish everyday tasks. After all, if you can cross off “lose weight” off your resolution list, then there’s little else is keeping you from achieving everything else you want.