Benefits Of Weight Loss Counseling



 When you think about weight in “All or None” terms, have unrealistic expectations, or define your self-worth only in terms of weight this creates anxiety, shame, or obsession that can derail your attempts at long-term behavior change. — Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.

Some of us go on a diet to lose those extra pounds. Some starve thinking if they don’t eat, they won’t gain more weight, but it’s getting known nowadays that starving is not the answer to weight problems. People now hit the gym, do yoga, join a marathon and other sports to burn fats. There is also numerous information about losing weight on social media. So why is this issue still imminent?

It’s because we lose the right attitude in achieving our weight goals. We lose focus and determination maybe because of all the things that demand our time like our jobs, holidays, special events, and all other things which are also important.

However, we have to bear in mind that losing weight to be healthier is also essential. “Health is wealth,” and we have to invest time to value our body. Some people opt for weight loss counseling because they think that they couldn’t do it alone. They need someone to remind them of the whys and hows.


Weight Loss Counseling Can Provide You:


Right Information

There are many ads shown on TV and social media that we are not sure which ones are true. Some are just shown to promote a product that may or may not help in our weight problems. When you go to weight loss counseling, your therapist will provide you with useful information or guide to help you with your weight management. Your therapist might also be able to refer you to licensed dieticians or nutritionists.



At the start of the counseling session, you will set a goal and then create a plan to make sure you’ll be successful in reaching it. Weight loss counseling provides focus because it makes you aware of what you need to avoid and what you need to do more.

To make it all the way down to your ideal weight is an amazing feat! However, most people focus so much on weight loss that they don’t realize all the complexities of keeping the weight off long-term. — Nathaniel Lambert Ph.D.


It is crucial that your desire to lose weight is the same or higher than it was when you first started your counseling. The role of your therapist is to push you forward when you feel like stopping. We have an attitude that thinks skipping is okay. We don’t follow the schedule, but there’s a reason why it was created: to discipline and condition our minds. Your therapist will help you to stay determined.



Motivation is the will to move forward with your goal. Your sessions will include activities that will allow you to focus on why you want to lose weight: maybe your inspiration would be like a celebrity or a sexy dress or swimwear you bought a few months back but just won’t fit yet.



Discipline is also one of the attitudes you need when trying to lose weight. There are many sacrifices and temptations you need to avoid like eating your favorite sweets, sleeping in lazy weather instead of working out or drinking soda on a hot sunny day. “No pain, no gain” is a motto that people use to condition their minds to continue to work out and burn calories.

Far too often, motivated people embark on weight loss plans, commit to dietary and exercise changes, and see some initial progress on the scale . . . only to watch their weight loss slow and finally stop, even when the person has stuck with their program! — Thomas Rutledge Ph.D.



Weight loss counseling does an essential role in achieving our weight goals. It helps us get the right attitude and discipline which are vital in the process. We know what we want, and we want to be light and healthy. We just need someone to continually remind us why we are doing it and how we are going to do it.

BetterHelp can help you get the right attitude towards your weight goals. They are always available to provide support for not just your weight problems but with any mental health issues.