Unthinkable Things I Did For My Mental Health

As a young kid who already weighed 120 lbs in fourth grade, I had been the center of attention of fat-shaming individuals in our community. For instance, my classmates’ monicker was Ms. Piggy, considering I was short and had a pinkish skin. Whenever the P.E. teacher asked us to run around the field, the students would act like the world’s shaking during my turn. But even at family gatherings, some aunts would say, “Being chubby is cute for now. But if you don’t wish to be an old maid, you need to lose weight soon.”


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What I Did To Lose Some Weight

Because of such experiences, I grew up thinking that my fatness was unacceptable and that I should do everything to get rid of it. So, whenever my parents were not home, and they would give me money to order pizza or whatever I wanted, I would keep the money and not eat at all. Of course, I felt hungry, but I endured my tummy aches because I genuinely wanted to lose weight. Sometimes, even at school, I would not eat lunch no matter how much my friends tried to drag me to the cafeteria. My parents only found out when they found me in the nurse’s clinic one morning, doubled up in pain. A series of tests in the hospital later, the doctor said I developed an ulcer. Needless to say, skipping meals not only failed to slim me down but also gave me a health condition.

The second thing I tried when I was in sixth grade was to join the girls’ volleyball team. My choices were softball, football, and volleyball, but I favored the latter because I saw how much the players were running and jumping up to hit the ball. I did not realize that the coach refused to accept potential players at the first meeting – she wanted the applicants to train with the team for a week before picking some of us. I took the challenge, assuming that little girls could not practice so much. But then, I was proven wrong when the coach made us do circuit training on the field for an hour every day. After the fourth day, I gave up on my dream of becoming a volleyball player.


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I did not try to lose weight again until I was in college, but it did not mean that I made peace with my chubbiness in the year before that. I merely waited until I was 18 years old so that I could buy slimming pills and teas that promised to help me shed pounds without much effort. So, I bought them as soon as my parents left me in the dorm.

I must say that the slimming tea worked well by making me go to the bathroom 30 minutes after drinking it every time. The pills also curbed my appetite, so I did not feel hungry for more extended periods. After a month of using the said products, my shirts and jeans felt a little loose around my body. I thought, “Hmm, this is it!” I went on to shed 10 pounds in two months, thanks to them, and my parents and friends all believed that it happened because I started going to the gym. (No, I did not do that.)


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However, during the summer break, I had to stop taking the pills and drinking the tea because I spent it in my parents’ home. They had been against such methods of losing weight and made me promise that I wouldn’t ever try them, but I just felt the need to try anyway. So, in the few weeks that I was there, I gained all the pounds that I lost and then some.

Doing The Unthinkable For My Mental Health

Mom caught me crying about my weight gain a day before going back to the dorm, and I had no choice but to confess everything I did to shed pounds. Mom could only hug me out of pity and apologized for not being able to protect me from the fat-shamers all my life. Her words, however, acted as a trigger for me to realize that there was no reason for me to go from size 12 to size 0 as long as I was happy with my body.


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So, when I returned to the dorm, I flushed the pills and teas in the toilet. I threw away all the books that I got to inspire me to lose weight, too. Then, I began to wear clothes that would show off my thick legs, arms, and overall curvaceousness. Little did I know, men found it hot, while women said it was empowering.

I would not have learned to love myself and embrace my body if the slimming products and other weight-loss techniques did not fail to deliver. But would I try another weight-loss method anytime in the future? No, thanks! I already took that rode that many people traveled, and it only ate away at my mental health. Now, I would make it my life’s work to show other fat-shamed girls like me that it’s okay to have more meat under the skin, that other people were wrong for forcing their standard of beauty on others.


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How To Deal With Weight Loss-Related Anxiety According To Psychologists

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If you have been experiencing unhealthy weight gain for an extended period, you might have thought of shedding some pounds at some point. However, you realize that once you have settled into a specific eating pattern, losing weight is harder than it looks, and you might need the help of a psychologist.

It takes a lot of sweat, tears, and dedication to lose even a single pound. If you continue this effort and you see minimal results, you might be feeling stressed over your food choices and your daily activities. You start to question what is wrong with your body because you are already trying your hardest to lose weight.

At this point, you might already be experiencing anxiety due to your weight loss efforts. The good thing is that psychologists have some tips on dealing with weight loss-related anxiety.

When we stop eating the food we love because the “diet” tells us to, we may lose some pounds and end the diet. Then what do we do? We eat our favorite food again. — Anne Cuthbert, MA, LPC

Why Does Weight Loss Lead To Anxiety?

In the first place, what is the connection between weight loss and anxiety?

First, we have to understand that our bodies are designed to retain the nutrients we digest. Every time we try to shed weight, our bodies are trying to resist. When our bodies lose these nutrients, we experience lethargy, dizziness, loss of concentration, and even unexplained aches and pains.

Of course, when you have to go through this stressful experience, you tend to get anxious. You begin to ask until when you have to go through your diet or what more will you have to go through until you reach your ideal weight. Indeed, long-term diet plans can have adverse effects on your cognitive and emotional functions.

On the other hand, anxiety can be crippling and may hinder your weight loss progress. Anxiety has many forms, including the inability to sleep, feeling overwhelmed, or staring into space.

However, you can still get over anxiety when dieting from these tips from psychologists.

Get A Diet Buddy

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Two heads are better than one. For any weight loss effort to be effective, you have to get emotional support throughout your journey. Your diet buddy should also be on a fitness program for you to be able to relate to each other. You can build each other up in times of distress and celebrate your victories. A diet accountability partner can help you get over your anxious thoughts and get you back on track towards your goals.

Living healthier means being creative and working with the time you have. — Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.

Sleep On Time

Having a good night’s rest can hit two birds with one stone. Your metabolism will return to normal after getting enough sleep for several nights in a row. You will notice that your food goes down faster than usual and your bowel movement becomes much more predictable. Furthermore, your anxiety levels will also decrease once you get into a regular sleep routine.

Try Yoga Or Other Mindfulness Exercises

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To help relax the mind, you can also try to enroll in yoga classes or practice any other mindfulness exercise that appeals to you. Enrolling in yoga classes can also connect your mind with your body, encouraging focus and concentration on your health goals.

Aim To Do Regular Exercise

When you’re suffering from anxiety, there will be a time when your drive to work out will weaken. One of the solutions to combat this is having a regular exercise schedule.

Sticking to a workout schedule no matter how bad your day is will also help you stick to your health goals. For example, if you have plotted to work out for at least 5 minutes a day, you should commit to your schedule day in and day out. If you’re feeling under the weather, taking a short walk inside your house or doing easy errands can be an option. In the long run, you will notice that you are getting over your anxiety, plus your body will thank you for it.

Practice Healthy Eating

The recipe to overcoming anxiety should include healthy eating in the mix. No matter how religiously you work out, it all boils down to nothing if you neglect your nutrition. Eating a balanced diet will surely help you reach your body’s optimal performance more quickly. Eating the right meal portions will also lessen the occasions of sickness and fatigue.

You will be right more times than not if you apply that attitude to the latest fad diet program. Your tendency to be critical will help you stay the course of healthy lifestyle and less vulnerable to the preaching of the latest “expert” who is trying to sell a product but has no actual training or experience in weight management. — Sherry Pagoto Ph.D.

You will get to your destination if you are focused and determined to get over your current slump. Armed with these tips, overcoming weight loss-related anxiety should be a walk in the park.