Fire Up To Shape Up

Most of us want to get fit to get rid of illnesses, to improve wellbeing, and to be ready for any inevitability that life may throw at us which we are always anxious about.



When we are thinking of getting fit, the first thing that comes to our mind is hitting the gym, doing weightlifting, or getting on the treadmill.  With my boyfriend’s influence, I found out that fitness and body shaping does not only happen in the gym.

The secret to success in keeping up with an exercise program is to find something you love and just do that. — Stacey Neil, MA, LMFT, CPT

Break The Monotony

My boyfriend told me that the gym has started to bore him.  He wants us to try something new, and so he asked me if I wanted to join him in taking a pause at the gym but not stopping our goal to be fit.

Many do not succeed in the gym because sometimes they think the type of exercise they are doing is not designed for them.  They end up feeling like a hamster that does not stop running once put on a wheel.


Fire Up Excess Pounds

My boyfriend was not preparing to join the military, but he has been frequenting a shooting range for recreational activity.  He influenced me, and we both enjoyed it, first just because it was stress-relieving, but then later we found out that it was also a satisfying way to stay fit both physically and mentally.


We were able to fire off excess pounds in the range which is really a healthy way for the reasons below.



Becoming Generally Fit

Shooting demands physical activity.  It is not merely standing and focusing on hitting your target or just idly firing.  There are firing ranges where you can move, do different positions allowing you to sweat off your excess fats.

Holding a gun in your arms is useful in toning them and strengthening the muscles.  In order to hit your target, your arms and hands must be strong and steady.

Sprinting in different directions is a great cardio workout.

Many people who are dissatisfied with their body image or personal health choose to start an exercise routine, but unless it becomes habit, they may lose their motivation. — John Smith Ph.D.

Train Your Brain To Focus

The sound of a firing gun is loud and makes you panic and feel disoriented.  But when you think that you need to score, you will be trained to focus your concentration and keep your eyes on the target as you aim your gun.  It exercises your eyes to move and concentrate fast in all areas and even trains you to shift quickly.

As you focus, you are taking your mind away from other activities, and you will just find yourself present at the moment and concentrate on the task in front of you, and that is to hit your target.



Improves Coordination

Hand and eye coordination are essential in any sports.  Reacting quickly with your hands once the eye sends a signal to the brain is a skill you will undoubtedly develop when shooting.  Learning to reload, freeing yourself from obstructions, and trying to hit the target will be successfully done when you develop the skills.  And you will even be surprised at how naturally quick your body will react when someone throws you a ball or when a car suddenly shows up behind you at a fast speed.

Spending time in a shooting range gives your eyes a break from your computer, TV, and other gadgets to which you tend to stare at the whole day.

We have long known that regular exercise leads to improved muscle tone, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and balance, and reduced risk of a number of chronic diseases. In addition, a growing body of research has found that exercise can enhance cognition and improve mood. — Traci Stein, PhD, MPH

Mental Discipline

Shooting is fundamentally a mental sport which requires you to have a sharp concentration.  It trains you how to think outside of the box in order to succeed.  It maintains your high level of logic, problem-solving, and creative thinking.


Personality Improvement

To some, just the idea of shooting something is frightening and dangerous.  However, with the proper training, shooting will help you develop confidence and courage in things you would want to do and accomplish.



Improve Your Balance And Posture

Having a stable platform or stance is necessary to manage a successful target.  Standing perfectly still as you aim your gun at the target exercises the core muscles which provides a good posture.  Standing straight is a good workout for your lower back.  It will take you away from the harmful effects of sitting in your office chair most of the day.


Stress Reduction

Shooting is another fun way of staying fit and in shape.  Doing enjoyable things with someone who makes you happy also reduces stress.  Heat up the shooting range with your partner and release some pressure from a rough day at work.   When you feel better, you will feel less stressed, and less stressed means lower blood pressure level.


Enjoy a happier and sexier life as a shooter.