From Geek And Fat To Fit And Hot


I met Danny at the 2017 Spokane Conference in Washington, and we instantly connected. He was the big brother I never had, and with “geeks” like us, we find it hard to stay “friends” with people. It was harder for me back then because I was so obese, and I did not want to be sociable. I just kept to myself. It was such a blessing that I clicked with Danny, and I could say he is my best friend.

He told me that he was once in my place, nerdy, and always had a date with coke zero and Cheetos. Danny was married when we met and had a baby on the way. He was lean and fit for his age. My friend was forty-five when we met, and I was barely thirty, but he was 160 pounds at five feet eleven inches. I was 260 pounds at five feet nine inches. How about that?


After the conference, we went out to dinner. He told me that he would like to help me on my road to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle if that is what I want to do. My friend also added that he wants me to want it because health is wealth and that my brain is useless if I will perish. That is Danny. He talks like that – blunt but real. Danny also told me that it will not be easy and that there will be days when I will want to give up, but he is there for me to push and motivate me.

I said yes, because who would not want to get healthy, right? My blood sugar was pre-diabetes. I had high blood pressure at that time. It was still normal, but high. And I could not score chicks because I was too fat. Seriously.

And so, Danny helped me. He became my real friend and my fitness buddy. Who would have thought that I would come out one hundred pounds lighter after two years! It was amazing. I felt amazing! Truly. Just a meet at a geek conference, and it changed my whole life.