Healthy Eating

Before we enjoy healthy eating or before we allow our guests to dine, we say phrases like, “Bon appetit” or “dig in” which is for them to enjoy eating the food. Others practice saying grace before a eating meal as a tradition to show that they are grateful for the healthy food they are about to eat. Healthy food is something we should enjoy eating. But we should know what is healthy eating. Let’s take a closer understanding of the importance of healthy eating.

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Healthy Eating

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Eating Healthy Food

Food is a blessing we should be grateful for.  The way we look at the food on our table is vital to how we treat them. Weight problems are sometimes caused by our abuse of food, binging, overeating, avoiding (certain foods), not knowing what healthy eating truly is.

Imagine eating what you want and having your favorite foods in the house for weeks, without fearing you will eat it all in one sitting! This balance is absolutely possible and a great way to live your life. — Anne Cuthbert, MA, LPC

Enjoyment and true food appreciation no longer matter much in this age. That’s because taking photos of food is more important than knowing how meals are prepared instead of healthy eating habits. Thus, it is where color and texture are just crucial because of how beautiful they would look in the picture rather than knowing what indeed is on the plate that was served that will nourish the body. But it shouldn’t be like and we should practice healthy eating.

Experts say that to understand healthy eating, it is essential to view our food as something far more than just something that will look beautiful in the photos. We should be concerned about what it is that we are going to feed our bodies than what we are going to feed on our social media.  Changing the way we view our food and focus on healthy eating can help us enormously, not just in maintaining our ideal body weight, but in staying fit and well.


Unless we look at our food in a healthy eating manner, we will never really thoroughly enjoy them.


Achieve Healthy Eating With Healthy Food

Sometimes, it is not always the issue of what to eat or how much of something we should consume, but how healthy eating benefits us.

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My therapist told me that I could eat basically anything.  The professional said that refraining myself from eating certain food which I used to love will just cause me to crave for it more, thus making it impossible to focus on healthy eating.  According to him, this method is only a temporary means to lose weight because the moment that I won’t be able to withstand the temptation and take a bite, I will never get my hands off of it, which is very accurate. It had actually happened to me a lot of times.


Changing the way we think and behave towards food is very important in understanding healthy eating. Thinking that we can freely eat anything and appropriately conduct ourselves towards it, no need for a cheat day will help us see healthy eating benefits unmistakably.  Appreciate each food that you love by avoiding putting a label on them as bad or good food, except for course if you have some medical condition in which eating certain foods are not allowed.  But mind you, being judgmental when it comes to food will do you no good.

Starving yourself to take weight off quickly will likely lead to the inevitable rebound effect in which you end up bingeing or abandoning the whole plan.  Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.

Practice the habit of healthy eating by knowing your food better.   Look at healthy eating as not just an ordinary apple pie or crispy seasoned fries, but instead, think of the healthy food as a crust made from flour and butter that is filled with nicely sliced apples mixed with sugar and cinnamon and baked in the oven. Those fries are beautifully sliced pieces of potatoes that are fried in fat, coated with spices, salt, and pepper. Delicious!


Connect With Food For A Healthy Eating

Talking about healthy eating, can you still remember what you ate yesterday without looking at your IG or FB?  How about this morning?  Did you enjoy your meal? Are you satisfied with it?


Some French restaurants are against “camera eats first” behavior, the taking of pictures of the food before eating them, because it ruins the whole dining experience.


They practice healthy eating because they want people to have a connection with the food they prepared for them to be able to perceive the food objectively.


Knowing your food in a more in-depth aspect will allow you to understand healthy eating benefits.  The power of healthy eating can control your mind and emotions and your craving for it will start to get weaker until they are no longer important because now you know its secret.


Guilt-Free Healthy Eating

To understand healthy eating, you should stop judging the food in front of you. Instead, know them and establish a connection.  Think what exactly it is that you want to eat, not what others say you should eat, so you’ll be satisfied.   Listen to the voice inside of you that convinces you to start eating healthy. The voice that is telling you to eat that leafy salad dipped in a mixture of grapeseed oil, vinegar, squeezed with lemon oil, topped with fresh basil.


…many of the emotional barriers to weight loss are not initially obvious, so it is important to identify common emotional barriers and be honest with yourself about how they might be affecting you. — Marni Amsellem, PhD

Hey, stop the guilt feeling and get rid of that shame consult with a nutritionist or mental health professional to see which dietary changes you can make if it bothers you and if you’re feeling anxious. It is your body. Engage with healthy eating and never forget to establish a connection with your food for you to enjoy every bite of it.  No cheating, no guilt feeling, but just a happy tummy and a healthy body.