Life’s Too Short, Why Deprive My Sweet Tooth

Sweets can make you fat.  Although sugar is said to be the prime source of energy for your body, having too much sugar in your diet can make you gain excess pounds.  For some not to increase weight, they try hard to wake up early and hit the gym before going to work or do their daily routine.  Some try to deprive themselves of their cravings, but it always doesn’t work that way.  Giving in to our sweet tooth leaves us often feeling remorseful and sometimes sad.




If you are a sweet lover like me, you no longer have to deprive yourself.   My boyfriend will often remind me that I can indulge my sweet tooth without feeling guilty; anyway, life is too short not to satisfy my cravings.  He helped me choose better food to eat in order not to be fat because he does not like heavy-weighted women.

Deliberately paying mindful attention to what you’re eating makes you more tuned in to the body’s natural satiety cues. — Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.

In this article, I will share with you a list of healthy sweets he would instead pamper me with whenever I feel the urge to consume sweet nibbles.


I Love It When He Makes Me Smoothies!  My boyfriend looks hot whenever he would gather up various fruits left in our fridge and start blending them.   It is a healthy way to kill the afternoon heat.  No need to put on sugar because fruits are sweet enough to satisfy my cravings.  To make it even healthier and put a twist on its taste to suit my palate, he will put in a bit of ginger or other veggies which is just perfect.  Sometimes, a treat to a smoothie house instead of us going for ice cream is what he would prefer especially during hot weather.


Add Natural Yogurt On Your Cart Instead Of Ice Cream.  Have your yogurt cold and sweet by topping it with some fresh fruits.  Sugars from fruits are healthy besides the fact that fruits are real and whole foods which are very convenient to carry and prepare.



For starters, some people’s genes lead them to have different kinds of tongues: about 25% of people have an extra-high number of taste buds, and as a result they experience bitter tastes more intensely, leading them to avoid brussel sprouts and gravitate towards simple sweet snacks. — Susan Carnell Ph.D.

Indulge In Nature’s Fast food In Exchange For Cakes.  After having a nice meal, have a serving of fresh fruits.   Fruits are better than eating a slice of cake for your sweet course.


Kill Your Craving With A Glass Of Hot Choco.  A cup of hot chocolate as a morning treat is enough to get you through your day.   When shopping, choose low fat or non-fat box of choco drinks.

We love having soya chocolate drinks for breakfast as they contain a high concentration of essential fatty acids, amino acids, and protein.  Just a cup can make us feel full the whole morning.


Why Is Too Much Sweets Bad?

Excessive sugar intake hurts our metabolic system.  Fructose (sugar from fruits) can only be harmful when consumed in large amounts, but studies have shown that fructose in fruits is not a thing to be concerned about.




Make It A Habit To Have Anything In Small Servings

Whatever you take in excess is harmful, this is what we now firmly believe.  Gaining unwanted pounds is not about having sweets, but having too many of it.   As I have said earlier, sugar is needed by your body for energy.  But with too much sugar and less activity, where do you think all those sugar molecules will go when not used up? These excess sugars are turned into fat.  Overeating anything, not just sweets, can pose harm to the body, especially for those who are less active.  Excessive fatty acids and cholesterol from your food intake do not only make you bigger, but it can also be deposited into your bloodstream as cholesterol putting you at increased risk for heart disease and stroke.

If we can start changing the dialogue of what health is—the behaviors we engage in—we may be better able to find more useful strategies that focus on the whole concept of health promotion rather than narrow “results” that measure success by deprivation, weight, and size. — Mandy Beth Rubin, LPC

Depriving your sweet tooth is not the solution, but having a little of everything makes a difference for your health.