Membership Advantages That Fabletics Offer To Active People

Fabletics is a company that produces some of the best activewear product lines in the market today. It is co-owned by Kate Hudson, the lead actress in movies like Bride Wars and Almost Famous, and Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, the founders of JustFab, Inc. It was built in 2013 out of the owners’ keen observation. While other clothing styles have been through many innovations, there remains to be a limited amount of high-quality and reasonably priced athletic apparel which are meant to allow the consumers to move their body freely.


Considering that it was merely a startup a few years ago, success is not too far from Fabletics’ door. In truth, the company has reportedly pulled in no less than 250 million dollars of sales from its branches in the United States, Canada, Australia, and various European countries in 2016.

Advantages That Fabletics Provide To Clients

1. The Brand Has A Membership Program

This company is paying attention to the fact that new businesses at present are gaining popularity in the market because of the sense of exclusivity that they exude. Such a vibe is given off whenever the brand has new or returning products to offer. While the non-members will need to purchase their sportswear at a regular rate, the members will automatically be notified of how much discount they can get if they buy something in that instant.


2. Fabletics Synchronizes Their Information Offline And Online

The brand has several physical establishments across the planet. In each of them, their walk-in clients and subscribers are allowed to sample any activewear that they are curious about. As the former gets ideally encouraged to become a member of Fabletics’ mailing list, all of the clothes that they have tried but not bought will appear on their online account in the website. Hence, people will not forget about the articles they have seen at the store and increase their chances of being purchased.

3. The Company Understands Consumers’ Needs

Fabletics has a lot of tech-savvy individuals in their team. It lets the brand owners view the analytical data related to the kind of style and design that their clients want. For this reason, the company’s warehouses are not laden with merchandise that is undesirable for many. In the customers’ case, it entails that there is an existing brand that listens to them before taking a business move.

Final Thoughts

What being a Fabletics member means is that people can focus on working out instead of worrying about what they can wear. It is especially crucial for plus-size individuals who may be too shy about their body and think that only baggy fitness clothes will suit them.

Well, not only will your style get upgraded when you become loyal to Fabletics, but you can also avail items at discounted prices. It may be no different from hitting two birds with one stone. All you will have to think about is the kind of exercise that will neither bore you nor put your life in danger.


Good luck!