The Correlation Of Depression And Overweight Problems

According to the Center for Disease Control, more than one third of the US population is currently obese, putting them at risk for diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. Maintaining a healthy weight and exercising moderately over long periods can be very challenging. — Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.

Overweight people are prone to difficult life changes that make them feel depressed. Not only because they somehow think they are not capable of doing what others usually do, but also because they bind themselves to the idea that they don’t have the right to do it. They believe that their weight problem is the primary reason why they should stop aiming for a better life. They struggle and feel sorry for themselves because they assume that everything is going to be so hard.


The Insults And Judgments

It is part of human nature to throw insults at others because they see something wrong and different all the time. Unfortunately, for others, being overweight is one of those mistakes. Obese people are not exempted from the harsh judgment, so it leaves them more anxious, scared, and uncomfortable with their lives. It builds up an idea that they somehow don’t belong and nobody wants to be with them. It drags them down up to the point that they lose all their confidence and self-worth.

Bullying Victims

We know that overweight people are prone to bullying. That’s because others assume that these people are weak because they are different. Other people see it as a crime, and they start to torture, humiliate, and hurt them by all means. Some are happy to see them suffer while others are too afraid to stand for them because they think it’s unnecessary. As a result, most overweight individuals depressingly isolate themselves from the world and try to stay alone for the rest of their lives away from bullying.

Through past experiences, we have learned eating can often  bring comfort. While “emotional eating” and “comfort foods” often do make us feel good, eating in response to emotional cues or even simply out of habit can have the effect of reinforcing the patterns we are trying to overcome. — Marni Amsellem, PhD

Struggles And Beliefs

Overweight people have a lesser amount of self-confidence, and it is a fact. They might feel a little over the top sometimes, but they always go back to self-loathing. They are mostly afraid of commitments due to the stuck up ideas on their head that people will eventually take their overweight problems as a reason for leaving them. They believe that others will only like them if they change the way they are.

Motivation And Destruction

When overweight individuals find the right reason to motivate themselves for a change, they either work on it or suffer from it. Sometimes the depression caused by their physical condition affects everything. In unfortunate events, it even shuts them down from creating life decisions. Though others may find courage from their harsh life experiences, some of them won’t be able to handle the same pressure.


This reluctance to acknowledge adult or child obesity could admittedly be a problem if it prevents action to lose weight. — Susan Carnell Ph.D.

The Societal Standard

One can argue that the reason why most overweight people tend to feel unworthy is due to societal standards. It is where society shows a depiction of what and how a body should look like. It creates a boundary that takes everyone away from connecting and understanding each other’s physical differences. The truth is, the society is the one to blame why overweight people suffer from depression and anxiety disorders because they set a standard that removes them away from the society’s circle.

Depression is a mental condition that slowly takes away people’s lives. It doesn’t limit the damage to overweight problems and the mental illness feeds on it. Turn to BetterHelp now to be able to talk with an online counselor.